VW 300 RCD in Golf V Double Fakra Z Antenna Adapter Connection

In the VW Golf V are various RCD radios installed with different names such as RCD 300. If it comes to replacing the VW RCD 300 radio, because you want to install a newer better car radio, you must pay attention to the following.

The new car radio has a DIN or ISO antenna connection. VW has but two Fakra connections because of the antennas in the vehicle, the Golf gets the transmitter signal through these two antennas. This is absolutely necessary an adapter, otherwise you can not receive channels with your favorite tunes with the new car radio.

At the back of the VW Golf Radios it looks like there are two round sleeves at the end of the radio.

In the new car radio but the connection on the back is another. With the right adapter you can reconnect both parts of the vehicle wiring harness and new radio. The antenna adapter has a blue cable that needs power. There are already preconfigured adapters that have already connected the radio and antenna adapter.

This is comfortable and saves a lot of nerves. The adapter is made so that it is 100% fit and you can not connect it wrong. So any layman can replace the factory radio in VW Golf V itself.