No Power To Aftermarket Stereo!

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Car stereo systems can have their share of unique challenges, especially for the neophyte. Unexpected problems can appear, such as the radio powering up but outputting no sound. There are some typical causes which can simply be checked sequentially with troubleshooting steps.

First off, check your wiring. For those who have a voltage meter or even a test light, test the bottom (black), constant 12v (yellow), and accessory 12v (red) wires to make see when you have the correct voltoltage within the correct wires, together with a great ground.

Constant will be 12v, whether or not your automobile is on. Add-on will be 12v only if you turn the key to the “ON” place or the vehicle is running.


Access the backside of the radio.  Guarantee that the harness is joined to the interface on the radio, which it is fully seated. Ensure that the power antenna lead is not connected to the remote turn-on lead, if an external amplifier is being used. If the labeling on the cable is ignored these wires regularly appear very similar, and can be confusing. Once a CD is inserted, if this is the case, sound will cut out with the deactivation of the tuner.

If you find that one of your power wires or ground wires are not correct, monitor your car or truck cable diagram and make sure you have the correct corresponding power and ground wires.

Check the radio fuse! “Radio fuse keeps blowing”



Simplest method to locate the correct fuse would be to check in the Owner’s Handbook and get the fuse number and box location.  After choosing the location of the fuse, pull it and make sure that the leads are not corroded and that the fuse will not be broken or popped.