How To Install An Power Capacitor

There’s often a great deal of confusion on how to wire a car audio capacitor.  A good and a negative. The negative terminal is connected to ground. The positive terminal is connected “inline” with the car audio amplifier 12 volts terminal. Ideally the power capacitor should be as near as possible to the amplifier. In just a few feet is acceptable. This keeps any cable losses to a nadir.

A power capacitor is placed between the car battery and the car audio amplifier. An electric capacitor is utilized to aid to supply large quantities of up-to-date without causing a huge draw on the automobile’s electrical system. Battery and an electrical capacitor will provide maximum functionality for the car audio amplifier and avoid disastrous draw on the vehicles alternator.



Before you use a capacitor, you have to charge it to avoid blowing fuses. Use a voltmeter together with a resistor to charge your sound capacitor. After the voltmeter shows 12 volts, the power capacitor is charged. You can now wire the capacitor in parallel with your vehicle amplifier.

Remove the fuse inside the car audio amplifier power wire. Disconnect the power wire in the car audio amplifier using a screwdriver. Slide a terminal connector of the tip of the power wire and fasten it to the power wire by squeezing it with the pliers.

Connect one end of the 4-gauge ground wire to exactly the same place the vehicle audio amplifier is grounded. Connect the opposite end of the 4-gauge ground wire to the negative aspect of the power capacitor and fasten it limited with the wrench set.

Insert a 1k ohm resistor within the fuse block instead of the automobile amplifier power wire fuse. Join the volt meter to the positive and negative terminals of the power capacitor; the first reading should be zero volts.

Connect the power wire for the positive aspect of the power capacitor and observe the volt meter. The power capacitor is properly billed, if the volt meter reaches 12 volts.  Leave the car amplifier power wire connected to the power capacitor.

Place the 4-gauge power wire on the positive aspect on the power capacitor as well as the car amplifier power wire. Secure them closely with the wrench set.

Connect the 4-gauge power wire for the for the positive terminal on the amp and fasten it tight using a screwdriver. Install the first fuse to the fuse block for the car amplifier power wire. If your power capacitor includes a digital exhibit, there will be an inferior third terminal on the energy capacitor; this needs to be connected to the amplifier’s distant wire to turn on the digital display.








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